Flash Fiction: It Was to Be War

So, I was thinking about how bad am I at starting posts with very little time to write something worthwhile. My solution? Flash fiction! That being said, I've never done this before, this is literally my very first attempt at flash fiction. I don't know if it's good. I don't necessarily think it's bad either… Continue reading Flash Fiction: It Was to Be War

Write Tunes – 2 / 14

This query letter is driving me crazy. So crazy that it's all I can think about. Can't focus on anything else at all. No matter what I do to it, it just doesn't feel perfect. I guess it's just trial and error at this point, but I'm stressing myself out to the point of just… Continue reading Write Tunes – 2 / 14

So the wait begins…

(Don't know why this post I scheduled for Monday didn't get posted. But I'll just post it now I guess.) Welp. I sent off my first round of queries. Now all I feel is severe APPREHENSION. But no, I'm more or less confident. That being said, I got my first rejection this morning. Which was… Continue reading So the wait begins…

Where My Mind Lies

Who am I? Is it the company I keep? Maybe the dreams I dream once I've fallen asleep? Am I different from the man who rests? Disparate from the one who races around Jupiter on some whimsical quest? Know he's distinct from me, surrounded by folk. Those who pick up my slack and laugh at… Continue reading Where My Mind Lies

Write Tunes – still feel.

So I'm feeling pretty discouraged at the moment. Started doing some research on AgentQuery into finding an agent only to be hit in the face with the unfortunate truth that first-time novels over 100k words are generally ignored for being too risky an investment. Which makes sense. Reputable source. Not gonna waste my time and… Continue reading Write Tunes – still feel.

Piecing Myself Back Together

Starting today, I'm going to try to get back on the routine before I became possessed by the desire to finish my novel. It might be a rocky transition for me to get back to MWF, but I miss writing poetry, as much as I had been writing before. I want to fully reconnect with… Continue reading Piecing Myself Back Together

Write Tunes – Out Loud

I did it! Woooooo!!! Just in time for Kingdom Hearts! The rough draft of my novel is finished. I can't really believe it, that I made it this far. That I persevered this far. Words can't describe how proud of myself I am right now. This time last year, I was so stressed and depressed… Continue reading Write Tunes – Out Loud


Watch the threshold ignite in little ribbons, in an insanity of your own design. Wait for that door to open and bring forth your demise that you confine to Stockholm. You like it here. You like the fear. It keeps you company in the dark when you've positioned the cushions in the corner and marked… Continue reading Stockholm

Write Tunes – Face My Fears

Down to the last week now, and things are looking good. Looking back on the past couple of months, I'm just overcome with pride. I have made so much progress. I'm not going to lie, I always secretly thought that I was gonna do what I've always done: set a deadline then slack off and… Continue reading Write Tunes – Face My Fears