My Completely Reasonable Fear of Cops

As a young, black man, yes, I am afraid of police officers. My heart jumps straight up my throat when I see a cruiser or when I see those blue lights even if I'm not the intended target. But when I actually do get pulled over, which has happened three times if that matters (twice… Continue reading My Completely Reasonable Fear of Cops

Self-reliance ≠ Isolation

When I think about self-improvement, I honestly feel as if I have nothing going for me in that department. Personally, I am heavily dependent on interactions and the motivation and advice my friends and family give me. Essentially, without them, I feel lost. Over the course of my life, I've found that I'm pretty aimless… Continue reading Self-reliance ≠ Isolation

“The Millennial Problem”

In lieu of a fully written blog post today, I'd like to share a 15-minute YouTube video my coworker showed me this morning. For anyone and everyone that sees Millennials as an entitled, lazy, etc. generation, I encourage you to watch and share this video. We may have "been dealt a bad hand" with parenting, technology,… Continue reading “The Millennial Problem”

Mental Health: The Elephant in the Room

I'd like to first begin this post by saying I'm guilty of several of the things I've chosen to discuss today. For quite some time, mental illness has been addressed as something that's incomparable to physical illness. This seems absurd to me, especially after understanding the fact that mental illnesses are brain diseases. For those… Continue reading Mental Health: The Elephant in the Room

Freedom of Speech Trumps Twitter

For about a year now, we've spent countless hours checking up on our benevolent president's Twitter account for his daily updates, whether it be a diplomatic snapshot or a hot opinion on a highly contested topic. Weirdly enough, he's decided that blocking people from reading his tweets is a good choice. I'm not so sure… Continue reading Freedom of Speech Trumps Twitter