At the castle’s peak,
lies a woman,
birthed from sound
and betrothed to a unique man.

Put her by the clock tower.
Give her the most beautiful sights
of your kingdom
but don’t let it slip her mind.
This is the extent of your power.

Imagine each second,
each minute, hour,
all clearly defined in tones
and rhyme.

A rhyme she knows all too well now.

How could she forget
her only ally?
The singer, the dancer,
and, of course, the composer?

Time was your greatest weapon.
The clock should have siphoned
whatever life she had left.
But even a broken clock
is right twice a day.

See, she’s different now.
Wiser and sharp,
perfectly inclined
to the way things are

and dancing to the cadence of each second closer to freedom.

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