My Vicarious Identity

It’s risky business to
exist beyond this life
to live through another
made up in my head.

And I wonder if
I’m out of my mind
but of course I am
where I want to be.

That sensation of
taking a deep breath
and feeling the walls
crumble around me…

There is no comparing it to
anything of this world,
nothing like taking a break
from this reality from time to time.

But it’s a terrifying thing to
get lost in another
yet found in that moment
of veracious uncertainty.

I wouldn’t trade it for
even a semblance of something tangible
because here I am small
but I know I can always be more.

As long as I can dream,
as long as I can feel that otherness,
I know I am not alone
and I owe it to them to finish their story.

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