Write Tunes – Levitate

This was actually one of the two songs that moved me enough to make this playlist. The first being Cherry Blossom by Eternity Forever/Ben Rosett. Levitate is like the low end of my chill spectrum and Cherry Blossom is the high end. So yeah. It's a good song. Probably the most "chill" on my playlist.… Continue reading Write Tunes – Levitate

Write Tunes – Swim

I actually just found this song yesterday but it's already my jam. I call Tuesday "New Tunes Tuesday" because that's when Spotify updates their Discover Weekly playlist. Anyway, the lyrics in this song give you a lot to hold onto but don't let you lose your grasp on that poetic feel. Plus the riffs are… Continue reading Write Tunes – Swim

We Goin’ Clubbin’

So I put together a small book club with a couple of my friends probably about a month ago. But we're only calling it a book club because we only discuss my book and my book only. Kinda just happened out of nowhere. I was talking to both of them individually on the subject and… Continue reading We Goin’ Clubbin’

Write Tunes – Fall Harder

Here's the counterpart to Fiona Coyne: Fall Harder. Spence released both alongside each other, and I honestly think they complement each other perfectly. This was the first song I heard by Spence and, at first, I wasn't a big fan but for some reason, I stumbled upon it again and again and the more I… Continue reading Write Tunes – Fall Harder

To Ask For More

Fall asleep in a bed of cliche, dream of star-crossed lovers and underdogs. It's not so ordinary until you've seen this all before. You're left asking for more, craving something fresh and new and that too will resemble something from a time or two. The unprecedented figments soon fade into history and we will be… Continue reading To Ask For More

Write Tunes – Fiona Coyne

This song is perfect in every way. The beat in this song is exactly what I look for in music, especially music I listen to while writing. But who am I kidding? I'm a sucker for some wind instruments, but not too much. Here, they're just accenting what's already some pretty solid guitar. I suppose… Continue reading Write Tunes – Fiona Coyne