Rather than try to unpack the meaning behind this music video, I’m just going to link it and say that it made me feel things. When I saw the title of the song, I had a pretty good idea what it was going to be about. For the most part I was right. But it still says a lot more.

Childish Gambino – This is America

Anyway, the reason I’m linking this song and not something that I actually jam out to while I write is because it’s relevant to what I’m writing. I’m steadily working up to a subtle political critique and long story short, this song just reassured me that it’s something that society needs at the moment. Side note: I didn’t know how to say that without it sounding like I have an inflated ego.

I woke up this morning thinking “Damn, my novel is getting really meta.” I sort of looked at in a negative way too, like maybe it’s too meta. But nah. Can’t have enough meta.

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