Write Tunes – To the Ocean

I wanted to make a halfway decent post, maybe even write a poem, but I didn't have time today. But that's specifically why I started doing Write Tunes in the first place. So here's a song that I can almost guarantee you've never heard. I was honestly planning on posting the first chapter today but… Continue reading Write Tunes – To the Ocean

Write Tunes – Kidnap Me

My friend used to tell me about something he calls the "Enter Shikari Effect." Basically, every time you listen to an Enter Shikari song, you like it a little bit more each time until you get to the point where you'll start going "I WANNA LIVE OUTSIDE, LIVE OUTSIDE OF ALL OF THIS" with absolutely… Continue reading Write Tunes – Kidnap Me

Throw it in Reverse

I'm sure I've talked about how important I think feedback is before, but here I go again, bear with me. I've had a pretty difficult time finding people I trust to read everything I've written and offer me some constructive criticism. On one hand, I totally understand that people have lives of their own that… Continue reading Throw it in Reverse

Write Tunes – Thread

This week's New Tunes Tuesday was almost too good. Made it really hard to just pick one song. But I went with "Thread" for its lyrics. They really just resonated with me. There's not a lot of imagery, but there's a lot of emotion just in the words that really moved me. Anyway, I hope… Continue reading Write Tunes – Thread

Write Tunes – Grammatology

Yeah, I know I forgot to post Monday. I suck. In my defense, I was really busy and didn't even have time to think about what to write. I'm still really busy today but I didn't forget this time! So here's a quick one. This song has some fantastic lyrics. Like gives-me-goosebumps lyrics. But it… Continue reading Write Tunes – Grammatology