Write Tunes – Kidnap Me

My friend used to tell me about something he calls the “Enter Shikari Effect.” Basically, every time you listen to an Enter Shikari song, you like it a little bit more each time until you get to the point where you’ll start going “I WANNA LIVE OUTSIDE, LIVE OUTSIDE OF ALL OF THIS” with absolutely no context. I have fallen victim to this phenomenon in the past and still to this day I randomly say that line. Also “ARE YOU STAYING AWAKE FOR THE LIFTOFF? TONIGHT?” Both those songs (“Live Outside” and “The Sights”) are amazing and I refuse to hear any semblance of opposition to that fact.

But I digress. I’ve since learned CRUISR has a similar effect for me, except it’s not the lyrics I can’t get out of my head. It’s everything else. So here you go, something to listen to over and over.

Side note: for whatever reason I read all of this in my head in Steven Suptic’s voice from Sugar Pine 7 (aka the best YouTube channel there is period). I’m hinging all the comedy of this post on his voice by the way.

CRUISR – Kidnap Me

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