Write Tunes – broken record

Let's talk about quotes! I hate quotes, and no I'm not referring to the punctuation mark or general dialogue/conversation. No, I mean I hate quotes of something someone famous said before in fiction. Out of obligation, yeah, I'll do it. I'll do it when it's necessary. But most of time, I feel like using a… Continue reading Write Tunes – broken record

Write Tunes – Shuffle

It's been a weird week. I'm making a lot of headway, but I guess I wanted to quickly talk about trusting the reader. For example, my protagonist is more focused on other things and doesn't pay a lot of attention to mundanity. In this situation, I don't feel like this needs to be stated. It's… Continue reading Write Tunes – Shuffle

Write Tunes – Sunday Best

First day back at the library. Sorely needed. Didn't have much time to write but it was still like a breath of fresh air. It felt good to be back at it in a peaceful environment. And I'll definitely be re-incorporating it back into my schedule when time allows. I've slowed myself down a lot… Continue reading Write Tunes – Sunday Best

Learning and Stuff

Just wanted to say today that I think I'm finally out of my rut. I think I can finally get back to work for real this time, especially since the the kiddos are all back in school and now the library won't be an ironically loud mess. That was part of the problem, but certainly… Continue reading Learning and Stuff

Write Tunes – Glass

It's been getting harder and harder to write lately. Can't place why exactly. It's like if I can just get started that I can write pages and pages, but getting started is so difficult now. I don't think forcing it is a healthy practice but I think it's the only way to get through it… Continue reading Write Tunes – Glass

City of Wonder

The sun sets early on a city hidden in thunder. The buildings lean under a sky buckling with lightning cumulus. A mystery accumulates in the shadow of heaven. A life that can't be seen dreams of dancing with her partners up above. She tiptoes off the sidewalk, kicks up rain in the street, and soon… Continue reading City of Wonder

Destiny Islands

It's been probably about a year since I posted this the first time. I've made a lot of changes since then and I guess I'm just trying to find out if there are still more changes that need to be made. I've said before that I think the first chapter is the most important for… Continue reading Destiny Islands