Write Tunes – Shuffle

It’s been a weird week. I’m making a lot of headway, but I guess I wanted to quickly talk about trusting the reader.

For example, my protagonist is more focused on other things and doesn’t pay a lot of attention to mundanity. In this situation, I don’t feel like this needs to be stated. It’s a first person narrative told by an emotionally sensitive young woman. Plus, who would take the time to describe everything, even the things that don’t matter? As anxious as it makes me feel, I have to trust that the reader can figure these things out for themselves.

I have to have that trust because it allows me to stay within the realm of having an unreliable narrator specifically because she doesn’t notice or think intently about everything that goes on. Though, I wouldn’t call her aloof by any means. I think it’s a tricky balance to confidently say “Yeah, I’m sure the reader will understand” but stay cautious and meticulous. It’s a constant struggle.

Anyway, I figured I should actually put a little bit of effort into this Write Tune post so there ya go. Here’s a song. Have a great day!

Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle

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