Write Tunes – broken record

Let’s talk about quotes! I hate quotes, and no I’m not referring to the punctuation mark or general dialogue/conversation. No, I mean I hate quotes of something someone famous said before in fiction.

Out of obligation, yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll do it when it’s necessary. But most of time, I feel like using a quote is a cheat. Not only does it sorta of pull the reader out of the immersion (if only briefly), it can often times be viewed as a lack of confidence in your own words.

Now, sometimes it’s necessary to force the reader out of the writing for a second. Like in metafiction. And it might not even necessarily be a lack of confidence otherwise. It might just be reinforcement in your beliefs. Like: “This famous person said and I trust what he/she thinks, you should too.”

But more often than not, using something someone else has said before in verbatim makes me really anxious.

The irony here is that I’ve been using quotes in almost every chapter of my novel. However, one of the primary purposes for these quotes is their function as metafictional devices. And I’m trying (and hopefully succeeding) in making a mockery of the idea of digging for quotes. But I almost always to form my own ideas in my own words.

Call me a hypocrite, but I do what I want. Always striving to be unique.

Anyway, here’s a song that encapsulates how I feel essentially spewing the same ideas over and over on this blog, but I’d like to think this is a somewhat fresh view on writing. From me at least.

atlas – broken record

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