Write Tunes – My Love

I’m in a bind, trying to figure out how much research is necessary to make things believable. But also, how to balance how much research is explicitly used before it becomes too much and draws attention away from what really matters. That’s my chief problem. Well right now anyway.

In magical realism, there’s a political critique. Anyways. Even though it sort of snuck up on me and was really unintentional, it there’s there nevertheless and now I have to make the most of it. However, I’m attempting to cater to a demographic whose opinion is often thrown out by older generations. Millennials.

It’s really a strange feeling trying to get the older characters in my novel to actually listen to my protagonists. And immensely fun.

So anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. Here’s a new song I found. It’s fire, by the way.

Spazzy D – My Love (feat. Mia Gladstone)

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