Write Tunes – Pixel Fairy

In a word, I’ve been ‘afraid’ to right this emotionally jarring scene. Not because I’m worried it won’t be perfect though. Because I feel for Hai. I don’t want to put her through this but I kinda have to. I’m trying to keep it in my head that this is going to make her stronger, because it will. But god, at what cost? Really, I’ve spent the whole novel piling on the shit and now it’s just a mountain of shit and there’s about to be an avalanche.

But I’m glad that I care about her this much. She’s going to the dark place, a place I’ve grown accustomed to, but luckily I know how to bounce back now. She won’t be down for long. I hope.

Now as long as I finish before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, I’ll be golden. I’ve been working on this thing for like three years but I’ve been waiting on Kingdom Hearts 3 for thirteen years so I’m fully prepared to sink my life into this game for like a solid two weeks.

But anyway, here’s a new song from the extremely talented Ben Rosett! I hope you enjoy it and I hope you all have a happy new year! May all your New Years resolutions come true!

Ben Rosett – Pixel Fairy

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