Write Tunes – Baby I’m Yours

Okay. I know this song is a meme right now, but the real version of it is pretty sick. Not to mention some really nice visuals in the official music video.

If you don’t know, the meme is the ear rape version of this song. It’s exactly what you’d expect from “ear rape.” A friend of mine sent it to me and of course I clicked it and nearly jumped out of my chair. But I was like “that actually sounds pretty good, what little of it I can genuinely hear anyway.” So I looked it up and yeah, it’s a damn good song.

Not exactly sure why it’s this particular song that has become an ear rape meme but I’m not complaining. I would’ve never heard it otherwise. But really, you’ve gotta watch the video too. In a word, colors.

Anyway, I’ve been doubting myself like crazy all weekend about the novel. Which (at the risk of beating a dead horse) is probably because Hai is doubting herself. I don’t know, I’ve been so sure of myself for the past couple of months and all of a sudden it’s almost painful to write again. But I can’t stop. The pain is important. It, among other things, is what brings the narrative to life, so I think I just have to hold onto it and harbor it for as long as I need to.

Again (I’ve probably said this like seven separate times now), thank you for bearing with me. I’ll be back to more readable content soon. Enjoy the song!

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours feat. Organs

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