Write Tunes – Out Loud

I did it! Woooooo!!! Just in time for Kingdom Hearts!

The rough draft of my novel is finished. I can’t really believe it, that I made it this far. That I persevered this far. Words can’t describe how proud of myself I am right now. This time last year, I was so stressed and depressed that I physically could not bring myself to sit down write a word, let alone come up with ideas. And now it’s done. It’s done and I’ve never felt more accomplished.

And to top it off, I get to play the game I’ve been waiting over ten years to play tonight. The same game the inspired the original short story this novel is based on, Kingdom Hearts 3.

Today was a good day.

Now, there’s obviously the review/revise stage ahead of me and I’ve got a couple of trusted friends that have been waiting for me to finish so they can read and give me feedback. But right now, I just want to relish in this milestone. I wrote the original short story back in 2014. For so long, the idea of transforming it into a novel seemed like this impossible, daunting task. And it was. It really was. But I’m overflowing with happiness to say that I fucking did it.

So here’s a feel good song! I might disappear for the rest of the week due to an inability to unglue myself from my PS4. But I’m glad that you, my readers, stuck with me this long. Fingers crossed it’s good enough to get published!

scarypoolparty – Out Loud

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