Write Tunes – still feel.

So I’m feeling pretty discouraged at the moment. Started doing some research on AgentQuery into finding an agent only to be hit in the face with the unfortunate truth that first-time novels over 100k words are generally ignored for being too risky an investment. Which makes sense. Reputable source. Not gonna waste my time and theirs by trying to fool them and not attach a word count to my query letter then send them my full 160k word novel upon request.

But there’s still a glimmer of hope in the soul crushing reality that is the publishing industry. There is a natural tone shift and time jump about half way through so I’m just gonna work on transforming the two halves into novels on their own. No rest for the wicked, I guess. So that’s gonna be fun. I wish I could tell younger Mack to listen to his friends when they said, “maybe this should just be two separate books.” Live and learn though.

I need a drink. Or five.

We may be going back to basics with the blog post but this song is a banger. Enjoy!

half•alive – still feel.

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