Write Tunes – 2 / 14

This query letter is driving me crazy. So crazy that it’s all I can think about. Can’t focus on anything else at all. No matter what I do to it, it just doesn’t feel perfect. I guess it’s just trial and error at this point, but I’m stressing myself out to the point of just staring at a blank page. I’m going to get this second draft into a presentable state and send out more queries relatively soon. So that’s the plan for today.

It sucks, but I’m devoting most of my time today to working on it. And on top of that, the song I wanted to link today is literally impossible to find on YouTube. But this one is good too. Enjoy! After I’ve sent out another round of queries, I should be back on track with regular posts here. Thanks for sticking with me!

The Band CAMINO – 2 / 14

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