Write Tunes – I Don’t Feel Real

This song has inspired me so much. It inspired a couple of poems and helped me jump into flash fiction. Also helped me process some of the weird dual personality nightmare things I’ve been having. Which is a-whole-nother thing.

Anyway. The story this song tells is told so well. It’s vulnerable and it’s honest. And I love the in media res feel when he’s saying “I’m think way too hard about this, aren’t I?” even though we don’t get to see him thinking too hard. I’ve probably listened to this song well over 200 times in the past couple weeks. No shame. The story is fairly simple but the melodies and the way it’s told just makes it come off as a heavy weigh in your chest, juxtaposed with these psychiatrist recordings. It’s magnificent.

Not to mention the band name reminds me of Octavia Butler in all her greatness.

So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Patternist – I Don’t Feel Real

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