Write Tunes – Sugar

Super quick update today. Just been in a little bit of a rut lately. Been playing way too many video games and being as unproductive as a person can be. Still querying agents though. I’d be lying if I said the rejections weren’t getting to me a little bit but I’m still persevering. I might be considering another round of edits, possibly a rewrite in a few places, depending on the feedback I get in the next couple weeks. Not to say that I’ve lost faith, just that there’s always room for improvement.

Also, pitching a 78,000 word novel in 300 words is hard.

But I need to distract myself more efficiently. I need to actually start working on that short story instead of just saying that I’m going to. And get back into dream poetry again (speaking of which, I had an interesting one this morning but I fell back asleep before I could write it down). There’s just something about querying that makes me feel cut off from the creative juices but I’m going to actively work to reject that feeling.

But anyway, here’s a super swell song for your ear holes. Hope you enjoy it!

Sunbathers – Sugar

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