Write Tunes – Disco Flip

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking/brainstorming on where to go from here and I think I’ve finally found an angle to continue the Wayfinder story. A short time jump and a new character through whom the story will be told.

I keep seeing this constant demand for #ownvoices novels written by POC writers, and this’ll pretty much be just that. Not that I’m doing this specifically because stories written in such a way are in high demand, but explaining my reasoning in depth would be kinda difficult since I’m still in the idea stage.

I’ve thought about it a lot and I’ve sorta come to the conclusion that maybe Wayfinder itself would work better as a prequel, introduced out of sequence. I think establishing the world from a more inclusive POV could be more successful. Plus, I think I need to take a few steps back from the manuscript at this point and come back later with fresh eyes so I can take a better look at what is and isn’t working.

That being said, I still have a few queries out at the moment. If it turns out to be well-received, I guess I’ll walk back this new “plan” but after 17 or so rejections, I’m just starting to think it could use a little extra work. Either way, I’m far from giving up. And this new “plan” is totally still TBD. Hell, I might change my mind again tomorrow. But this course of action feels right. I’m going to hang onto the idea regardless of what my ultimate decision is.

Anyway, here’s a super swell song! Hope you enjoy it in the meantime!

Pheeno – Disco Flip

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