Write Tunes – Mellow

I didn’t entirely forget today. Here’s a chill jam! Also, I’m not sick anymore! Yeah!

I’ve really learned a lot from watching the #10Queries feed, seeing so many that I’m almost positive belong to me. So far, between the positive and negative, it’s just reinforced the idea that this novel may need a rewrite or three. But before I do that, I think I want to tell a different story within the same universe. With some #ownvoices goodness. Tentatively titled Stargazer, I’ve been working on notes and things but it all just seems like it’s falling into place really nicely. Ownvoices kinda feels like cheating. So much behind-the-scenes character development that I don’t have to think very intently about because it’s my life. At the same time, it’s a pretty vulnerable position to put myself. There are some crucial points that need to be there but I’m still trying to find the courage to let them be there. And finding the words to do so is gonna be even more difficult. But. I haven’t received direct feedback from RevPit yet so I’ll decide for sure after that.

Clans – Mellow

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