Write Tunes – Mr. Fear

So the CpMatch event on twitter was pretty cool. So far I’ve only read one other person’s first pages, currently reading the second person’s. We didn’t end up being a good CP fit. I’ll just say it was due to creative differences and leave it at that. However, I was made aware of a genuine issue that needs some work. I guess we’ll see if I’ll walk out of this with a CP fairly soon, someone who can offer some ideas on how to fix this issue.

Until then, I’m still concentrating on Stargazer. Like I’ve said before, I think I’m just to close to Wayfinder to catch the flaws myself. Which is the whole reason I’m looking for a CP in the first place.

But enough of that. Here’s a pretty swell song. But no really, this song is absolutely fantastic and super relaxing. Hope you like it!

SIAMÉS – Mr. Fear

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