Dream Catcher

One wave of happiness was all it took
to make none of it matter
anymore for me.

Until I laid here,
dreaming of lying here
and not wanting to ever stop.

I felt the rain fall from cloud nine.
Scattered across the earth,
I felt every drop.

And I thought:
how did I miss this,
how could I not see?

I forgot.
I found happiness
and I forgot everything.

I forgot my dreams,
the reasons why I made it
this far, the hopes to which I cling.

I forgot my craft,
the how, along with all
the confidence it always brings.

And when I found myself,
trying to catch those raindrops,
it reminded me of the sunshine.

If happy’s all I wanted to be
then this could have been
my finish line.

And that
is just way too
god damn boring.

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