Write Tunes – Levitate

This was actually one of the two songs that moved me enough to make this playlist. The first being Cherry Blossom by Eternity Forever/Ben Rosett. Levitate is like the low end of my chill spectrum and Cherry Blossom is the high end. So yeah. It's a good song. Probably the most "chill" on my playlist.… Continue reading Write Tunes – Levitate

Write Tunes – Swim

I actually just found this song yesterday but it's already my jam. I call Tuesday "New Tunes Tuesday" because that's when Spotify updates their Discover Weekly playlist. Anyway, the lyrics in this song give you a lot to hold onto but don't let you lose your grasp on that poetic feel. Plus the riffs are… Continue reading Write Tunes – Swim

Write Tunes – Fall Harder

Here's the counterpart to Fiona Coyne: Fall Harder. Spence released both alongside each other, and I honestly think they complement each other perfectly. This was the first song I heard by Spence and, at first, I wasn't a big fan but for some reason, I stumbled upon it again and again and the more I… Continue reading Write Tunes – Fall Harder

Write Tunes – Fiona Coyne

This song is perfect in every way. The beat in this song is exactly what I look for in music, especially music I listen to while writing. But who am I kidding? I'm a sucker for some wind instruments, but not too much. Here, they're just accenting what's already some pretty solid guitar. I suppose… Continue reading Write Tunes – Fiona Coyne

Write Tunes — Yours and Nobody Else’s

Welp. I'm gonna start trying something new for days like today where I'll be a little too busy to make a real post. Listening to music while I write is very important to me so I thought it'd be cool to share some of the songs I jam out during my writing process. Cleverly, I'm… Continue reading Write Tunes — Yours and Nobody Else’s