What You Want

We were as statues, made to be in your way. You give us a glimpse of the future and say, "This is what you want, no? Enough to move?" No, but enough to distract. Enough to make what our generation lacks seem like a proven fact. I've gleaned a desire that awaits me in my… Continue reading What You Want

Things of the Past

I try my best not to dwell on mistakes. To theoretically live without regret. It's sort of a recent development that I've come to let the past go and turn my attention to the present and future. I'm a happier person because of it. My stress levels are way down and I feel as if… Continue reading Things of the Past

Future Tense

Another short one today. We've had some men laying hardwood floor at the house all day and the noise has pretty much made it impossible to think. So here's a quick one. I took my time perception personality test this morning. Stanford University professor Philip Zimbardo developed this test to determine whether you're more oriented… Continue reading Future Tense