Maintaining Hope

Here's my obligatory political post folks. I know this isn't typically what you come here to read but it's something I think needs to be said. TL;DR Don't be afraid to make your voice heard. Please, please, please educate yourself on the candidates running in your state and vote. Ya know, getting political has become… Continue reading Maintaining Hope

Things of the Past

I try my best not to dwell on mistakes. To theoretically live without regret. It's sort of a recent development that I've come to let the past go and turn my attention to the present and future. I'm a happier person because of it. My stress levels are way down and I feel as if… Continue reading Things of the Past

“The Millennial Problem”

In lieu of a fully written blog post today, I'd like to share a 15-minute YouTube¬†video my coworker showed me this morning. For anyone and everyone that sees Millennials as an entitled, lazy, etc. generation, I encourage you to watch and share this video. We may have "been dealt a bad hand" with parenting, technology,… Continue reading “The Millennial Problem”