In the Most Unlikely of Places

I think I find it a little odd that some of my posts are well received, by my standards anyway, I know this isn't a wildly popular blog. When I wake up on a day like today and have absolutely no idea what I'm going to write about, I just briefly think of something that's… Continue reading In the Most Unlikely of Places

Future Tense

Another short one today. We've had some men laying hardwood floor at the house all day and the noise has pretty much made it impossible to think. So here's a quick one. I took my time perception personality test this morning. Stanford University professor Philip Zimbardo developed this test to determine whether you're more oriented… Continue reading Future Tense

The Style of Audience

Let's talk about writing style. Almost as important as the actual content. Two stories with essentially the same subject matter but with different writing styles are effectively completely different. Finding your style, for lack of a better phrase, makes your work unique. Things like word choice, fluency and voice contribute to this. But rather than treat… Continue reading The Style of Audience

From Page to Picture: Is either better?

I'm sure we've all heard the phrase "the book was better than the movie." Personally, this never really made much sense to me. So in my attempt to get both sides of the argument, I found a like-minded and lengthy post on why it's completely up to individual experience to decide if either is better.… Continue reading From Page to Picture: Is either better?