Makes you think

So it's almost been a year since I started this blog and I guess I've just been reflecting on how it's changed over time. I started out writing about serious topics but instead of criticizing or trying to inspire a call to action, I just wrote about how they affected me for the most part.… Continue reading Makes you think

Blame Game

Defined by this situation I designed, I never thought I would be the maker of my own demise. I won't be. But can I blame the societal framework for the overwhelming guesswork that amounts to my pursuit of happiness? Of course not. So where does the fault lie? Won't condemn myself for cowardice. Can't criticize… Continue reading Blame Game

To Ask For More

Fall asleep in a bed of cliche, dream of star-crossed lovers and underdogs. It's not so ordinary until you've seen this all before. You're left asking for more, craving something fresh and new and that too will resemble something from a time or two. The unprecedented figments soon fade into history and we will be… Continue reading To Ask For More

We Ain’t Coming Back

We ain't coming back. I can see it move about your hips knowing we cannot escape this. Jolted by the sudden noise poised to hold you close. Increasing heart rate. Show me what you want. I can hear it in the earthquake standing soundly as the room shakes and I know what's gonna happen next… Continue reading We Ain’t Coming Back