Pesky Pictures in Your Head

Screaming so thunderous you had to hide inside your mind where misplaced worry is like jagged bolts in the sky. That sound of silence had room to nurture hope and hypotheticals and all that they imply. Worry about the safety of your eardrums, bombarded from both sides. Worry about the headache forming as your brain… Continue reading Pesky Pictures in Your Head

A Great Ally in Time

Ya know. Throughout my unemployment thus far, I wanted to try to use the time that I would've been at work toward writing instead. Obviously writing about the same things for eight straight hours sounds like a daunting task but I was determined to try my best. But it seems my best is three hours… Continue reading A Great Ally in Time

Future Tense

Another short one today. We've had some men laying hardwood floor at the house all day and the noise has pretty much made it impossible to think. So here's a quick one. I took my time perception personality test this morning. Stanford University professor Philip Zimbardo developed this test to determine whether you're more oriented… Continue reading Future Tense